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We specialize in uPVC Windows and Doors

Squares is in partnership with Aluk – A leading Luxemburg baseddesigner and producer of high-quality aluminium systems. By leveraging the world classdesignsand profiles of our partner in combination with our deep understanding of Indian market, we have been serving the best in quality, reliable and performance driven aluminium systems to the Indian market.


The group AluK is a global leader in the design and engineering of aluminium window, door and curtain walling systems.With more than sixty years of expertise and operations in major countries around the globe, AluK building systems have been specified for many of the world's most advanced and prestigious buildings.

Through accredited testing facilities and in-house research and development, AluK ensuresthe products offer high performance solutions and exceed many industry standards.

For each market in which it operates, AluK studies and develops ranges that are able to meet the needs of the local market. AluK systems are suitable for both renovations and construction of new buildings in all sectors - from commercial to industrial, from residential to public.

sliding window
casement window

Windows and Doors

Our aluminium window and door systems are inherently strong, lightweight and sustainable, providing contemporary aesthetic profiles along with exceptional performance.

Secure and robust, our systems have been designed to meet and exceed requirements, while a complete range of accessories, design options and configurations offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of aesthetics and functionality

Sliding Doors

AluK’s aluminium sliding door systems offer slim profiles and enable large expanses of glazing to maximise light transmission, while maintaining internal temperatures and weather tightness when closed. Robust and durable, they are highly secure and rigorously tested to meet industry regulations. Through a wide range of standard and optional features, our sliding door systems can achieve the right look and performance for any project.

tile and turn window
grill series window

Folding Doors

Our aluminium folding door systems combine the strength and lightweight properties of aluminium with form and function of the highest standard. Highly versatile and configurable, they offer maximum control over the style and operation of the doors, accommodating the design specifications of any project. Multiple panels can be added with open in or open out-door options for faultless operation, with accessibility and security at the heart of our systems.

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