We specialize in uPVC Windows and Doors

Squares uPVC is the most trusted manufacturer and distributor of uPVC windows. We specialize in designing different types of uPVC windows customized to your specific requirements. uPVC is the perfect solution for Indian weather conditions as well as maintaining high-quality design standards. uPVC windows protect your living space from noise pollution, dust, rain and much more. Squares uPVC windows are most durable, sustainable and will last for many years.

Sliding windows

Easy to operate

A Sliding window is of 2 track 2 panels or more that slide horizontally to the left or right on the tracks. The sliding window can be wider and taller with the addition of sashes. The track on which the sash slides is slightly raised to prevent dust from settling in the track. A Slider window can also be offered in a combination of fixed and slider window joined with a coupler. We can even provide bug screen for a slider window by providing the extra track.

sliding window
casement window

Casement windows

Superior sound insulation

This window is also called a side hung window which opens inside or outside. The top hung is a window which opens from bottom to top. The above can also be offered in a combination of fixed and openable windows. The sash is connected to the outer frame by means of friction hinges or butt hinges.

Tile & Turn windows

Opening flexibility

Tilts at an angle from the top like a bottom hung or opens sideways like a casement window. The tilt position is for ventilation. Both operations take place with a single handle with a specialized built in hardware.

tile and turn window
grill series window

Grill Series windows

Better Security

A rare combination of style, substance, sealing and security. The only uPVC casement in the world with a twin sash a bug mesh and a grill built into the system. It’s an innovation engineered specifically for Indian conditions to protect you from insects and theft without sacrificing ventilation while providing all the standard benefits of a casement window making it a complete solution for Indian homes

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